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Our Company Learning Programme

+Rewards are about more than just money. Offer meaningful incentives to your staff and boost their loyalty.

+Communication is key to your business making the most of its opportunities – learning a language will help your communication across the board.

+Learning a language is not just a fun way to spend time – it will make your employees smarter, improve their decision-making, creativity, motivation and productivity!

One-to-one classes

+Learn at your own pace.

+Decide what you learn, when and where

+Receive exclusive and personalised attention

+Start talking Spanish from lesson one

Learn from Daddy Programme

+There is nothing more beautiful than sharing time and teaching your toddlers and young children something new.

+Learn from Daddy offers parents the opportunity to learn Spanish and learn how to teach Spanish to their own kids! A unique program. Do not miss out!


(NEW) Spanish Club offers a one month intensive course to prepare First Certificate in English for foreign students:

+2 hours every day at your on pace

+ Speaking in English from minute one

+Work on the 4 parts: Speaking,Listening,Writing, Reading and Use of English and learn the tricks to pass the exam

+Fun exercises and games

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn". Benjamin Franklin

Why choose Spanish Club?

The limits of your language are the limits of your world

Spanish Club is a language teaching company with a modern approach: LEARNING IN CONTEXT.

Students will achieve a strong command of the Spanish language in a short period of time, and all while having fun.

Our method aims to progress students from the basics to the most complex elements of the Spanish language in an easy and simple way. Learning is divided into several blocks that allow students to set realistic, short-term goals, allowing them to evaluate their own progress and mastery of the contents of each block.

Each lesson is CREATED FROM SCRATCH and remains true to the overall purpose: to learn the language quickly and in a fun way. The four main skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking are all worked on during the classes. But, as our primary form of communication, speaking is our priority.

With ´Now and Fun´ students will find themselves speaking Spanish FROM CLASS ONE naturally and effectively. Our method is based on WHY - we invite our students to develop critical thinking and question how the language works. Teachers will provide them with a REASON so they become self-sufficient in discovering and correcting their own mistakes. Our teachers will also help students to discover the skeleton of the language and its machinery.

We believe in what we do, we are passionate about it. And this comes across in our classes. That is WHY people come back every week and recommend us to friends and family. Every class is unique: every class is a life experience. Teachers will build a strong and comfortable bond often resulting in friendship. So WHY not?...Join the Club!

  • With "Now and Fun" learn Spanish as a native, sound like a native and live the Spanish life!

  • Whatever is your Spanish level, your teacher will guide, help and inspire you step by step!

  • Students play an active role in the class with their teacher directing a broad range of fun activities.

  • The perfect atmosphere to learn at the right pace, allowing the right feedback to each learner. Personal attention guaranteed!

"Your satisfaction is our goal, going the extra mile our ABC". Shaila Alvarez, founder of Spanish Club

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